Essential attributes you must develop if you expect people to treat you as their leader.


Got courage? Showing spirited self-motivation takes effort, but it is contagious! I would love to work for a leader whose spirit is infectious. When a leader is on fire, I want what they have; I want to know what the excitement is all about. Leaders have a vision for what they want their team to look like and they model it their own behavior.

Is your fiery self-motivation spreading or do you expect individuals to catch this one all on their own?  Hey, you could want your team to come into work looking like droids, siting at their desk with a miserable look on their face until they punch out. But if you’re a leader wondering why there is no life in your team, ask yourself, what does my attitude look like –from the outside looking in? A little moxie might not be a bad idea.


Leaders can get caught up in the day to day routine and forget they are on a course. Yep! Every leader has a vision and a path to hop on in order to accomplish a goal or task. Have you mapped out yours? People come alive when they focus on a bigger outcome; it inspires them and makes them move. (I want to move!) What’s your next team project or big win to achieve? Have your sights set on the end result and won’t let up until you nail it! Make it a fun ride for everyone involved; no one wants to be on a slow boat to nowhere.


Not just a risk taker, but a leader who takes a smart risk. Someone who can assess the situation, run the numbers, and go with his/her gut in a reasonable amount of time. Yeah, a gutsy leader is what the excitement is all about. I’m not sure I necessarily want a fearless leader, but definitely one who is brave, confident, and wise when making decisions.


Contemporary leaders are very appealing. Innovation is cutting edge and companies need leaders who are revolutionary and progressive in their thoughts and actions. Leaders absorb and grasp change because they see the developing future when others cannot.

Hey, I get it, change can be tough for any employee or team member to accept. But even though leaders may not see the entire picture -or how it will all play out- they’re not afraid to walk in the dark. This is where the average bear either trusts the leader enough to follow, or not –sucking the moxie right out of the team. No anti-moxie for me, I’m looking for a pioneering leader (and team) who’s moving onward and upward.


I don’t know about you, but I want to follow a leader who’s impressive, very impressive! One whose energy overwhelms me with confidence. A mover and a shaker. A smart leader who shares his/her viewpoint, but wants to hear mine, too. A leader who is approachable, yet one I respect and trust. A humble leader –not arrogant; one who’s not afraid to say, “Oops!”

I want to follow a leader who is always teaching me something, keeping me thirsty for knowledge — even if it’s not relevant to the company. A leader who laughs and dreams and inspires me to do the same.

I would enjoy hearing what you want in a leader!

Photo: Flickr/PopTech

Originally shared at Good Men Project.


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