The Momentum Factor: How to Keep Your Team Motivated Through Building Purpose, Direction, and Trust

The Momentum Factor: How to Keep Your Team Motivated Through Building Purpose, Direction, and Trust

Genres: Leadership, Mentoring & Coaching
Publisher: Tamilyn Banno
Publication Year: 2014
ISBN: 9781507650806

Are you having trouble motivating your team? Are you out of carrots to dangle & at your wit’s end on how to get your team moving?

THE MOMENTUM FACTOR uncovers the challenges you face as a leader. It shows you how to build purpose, direction, and trust within your team, and, through the power of a retreat, guides you in launching the same momentum that took my sales team from being stuck at #3 to flourishing at the #1 position in the company.

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About the Book

Change the direction of disengaged employees by changing the method of motivation. Motivation can’t happen, or last for very long, without first building momentum. Tamilyn Banno explains that leaders already have the tools to trigger this momentum into motion.

Are you having trouble motivating your team? –Are you out of carrots to dangle and not sure how to get your team moving? The truth is, people don’t want carrots; they don’t even like carrots. They want chocolate and you are the Willy Wonka of the chocolate factory.

The truth is, people aren’t inspired anymore -and to make matters worse, leaders have lost their influence. Employees trust leaders who can physically and mentally relate to their jobs and their struggles, however, leadership is in a flat-line crisis. An alarming 87% of the people are disengaged in the workplace today and leaders are the only ones who can turn those numbers around.

“You may be a leader who’s not leading because people don’t know how to latch onto you and follow.” –Bo Eason

  • Discover the reasons behind employee disengagement and how to reconnect to your team
  • Understand the difference between Motivation an Momentum and how you capture both
  • Learn how to maximize leadership potential through a powerful retreat

People need leaders. They follow the ones who get involved and inspire them with active interpersonal skills. The right retreat heightens the momentum by maximizing leadership potential and increasing employee engagement.

What People Are Saying About “The Momentum Factor”

This helpful, practical book shows you how to use a leadership retreat to build a peak performance team that really gets results.
–BRIAN TRACY, Best Selling Author, Success Expert, and CEO Brian Tracy International

A truly insightful and action-inspiring book! Tamilyn Banno has clearly illustrated that the essence of leadership is influence which is a direct reflection of your own authenticity. She leads us step-by-step through her MMPP Leadership Retreat model for crating real momentum and results.
–KATHY ZADER, President Go-Giver International

There is a devastating divide between the need for great leaders and the willingness or organizations to invest I training and supporting them. And even when they are willing to invest, they almost always leave out the one method that creates the greatest ‘leader-shift’ possible. While building forward momentum by incorporating retreats may seem counter-intuitive, in The Momentum Factor Tamilyn Banno takes the lessons she learned on her journey from corporate leadership to inexperienced sales manager to top sales leader in her organization, and distills that lifetime of learning into a replicatable method for fast tracking your leaders by getting them to slow down and connect.”
–DIXIE GILLASPIE, Coach/Consultant, Author of Just Blow It Up: Firepower for Living an Unlimited Life

Tamilyn’s message about leadership is not only refreshing and inspiring, but also thought-provoking and relevant in today’s society. A must read for any leader who wants to make a difference with their sales team!
–DEB COTTLE, Motivational Speaker/Coach, Co-Author of Success Simplified with Dr. Stephen Covey, Roadmap to Success, and creator of the 4Step GUTS Formula

Having served in the Army’s Special Forces, been a Chief of Police and Special Agent for the Federal Government, I have seen both sides of supervision and the complexities involved. I think Tamilyn has captured the philosophy of getting people to want to work with you instead of having work for you. This book is a primer, not only for first time supervisors, but for long time supervisors looking for fresh ideas. Good reading!”
–GARY MOREFIELD, Special Agent (Retired) U.S. Treasury

As a professional editor, I work with a large variety of writers who come from a wide range of backgrounds. Tamilyn Banno is the epitome of self-motivation, dedication, enthusiasm, and passion. Her leadership skills are projected through her writing with enough ferocity to motivate every individual seeking to engage the power of momentum.

The momentum FACTOR is a book for today’s leadership. Tami has given us a tool that allows us to approach leadership with confidence. She leads the reader through difficult moments to a successful end. As a leader, Ms. Banno understands what other leaders need to motivate their teams by building Purpose, Direction and Trust! A must have book for the today leader, manager, and boss in YOU.
–ANGELA ROBINSON, Assistant Chief Deputy Clerk to Cook County Government

Since I finished the book this morning, I have been soul searching for my “happy” that we all seem put in that drawer! Thank you for opening my mind, but most importantly, my heart and soul!

This can serve many purposes and audiences –professional people in private and public sector management/leadership positions. It is a useful, readable, insightful contribution to the literature of leading administrative, marketing, academic and health services organizations.
–HENRY HOLLING, retired VP Manager of Caterpillar Foundation and Manager Social Responsibility Initiatives.

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