“I firmly believe that part of our reason for being put on this earth is to help each other journey back home to our Creator. Gifting our time and/or monetary contributions is an endless reminder that there are individuals and an incredible scope of organizations who need our help.”

The abolition of child trafficking and exploitation. Nothing less.

The mission for the Love 146 organization is to end human trafficking and exploitation. Human trafficking is slavery and involves an estimated 20.9 million people around the world today. The shocking truth is little children still in diapers are sold for sex and the grooming process for teenagers could be happening to someone you know this very moment.
Sexual exploitation takes me to such a discomfort level that I squirm in my seat every time I think about it -when I visualize what could be happening to a little girl screaming for her mother’s help.
With every purchase from my website, 10% will be given to Love 146 organization.
Thank you.

To learn more about their work and the story behind the number 146, visit:



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