“Hundreds of books crowded my bookshelves, but not one mentioned the retreat as a blueprint to success. Yet it is the piece that sparked the energy I needed and engaged my team to become the top producers in the company.” –The Momentum Factor


Want to achieve an effortless flow of production. The leader who connects with individual team members on an emotional level will develop the trust it takes to achieve this unique momentum.

Leaders who outsource retreat facilitators will always miss the trust-mark. NEWS FLASH: People want to connect to the leader, not to an outsider. This is why it’s essential for YOU to get more involved. Retreats provide the opportunity and atmosphere for greatness to happen.

All programs of DESIGN YOUR TOMORROW include the following tools:


This handbook is packed with information on how to host a retreat. From sample invitations to easy peasy recipes, this resource will guide you every step of the way.


#1 Best Seller! Are you having trouble motivating your team? Are you out of carrots to dangle and at your wits end on how to get your team moving? Learn the strategies of great leadership, how to build purpose, direction, and trust, and how to host an amazing retreat!


Most of us crave for a deeper meaning in life; we wonder why life has to be so hard, and we often struggle with which path to take. Well, there’s no better feeling than to follow the one with your name written on the signpost! This exercise breaks down into ‘Who, What, Where, How and When’ you want to make your biggest life-impact.


Lock n’ load, baby! Momentum begins with a power play and that power play is the influence of the leader. Learn how this model can turbo charge your leadership by understanding the art of superior motivation.


It’s all about triggering momentum in order to motivate a team successfully. MMPP retreats (Maintenance, Motivation, Purpose, and Plan) create the perfect stage to sustain motivation. People want to follow a leader who gets involved and can physically and mentally relate to challenges. This guide is filled with ideas for each element of the MMPP retreat.


Looking for an awesome off-site destination? Check out this top 10 list and leave your team thirsty for more –more of you, and more retreats!

During the retreat I had the most amazing revelation: Sometimes in our journey we fall, but when we get up, we have the opportunity to come back stronger than what we were before. When a team is there for support, we are lifted even higher. Retreats allow us to work harder together.

Francisca Kear

FL. Independent Marketing Director

We all need each other; especially women-to learn, uplift, and encourage each other. Every person has a story. We may never know all the joys and disappointments someone has been through. Retreats release the temptation to judge. Retreats bring stories together.

Debby Gibson

CO. Area Manager Park Lane Jewelry

Taking time for oneself is often perceived as selfish, but in reality it is selfless. Without making time for reflection and reaffirming our purpose we lose our self and the joy we find in life.

Kathy Burke

IL. Independent Educational Consultant

The skills from this experience will carry us on to our next ventures and throughout our lives!

Veronica Otten-Goldman

IL. Entrepreneur

This retreat teaches the importance of personal maintenance in order to relax and recharge our minds so we are on our game for faith, family, work, and friends. The motivation element is more than fun; we realize our peers are walking with us on this journey and they are there for support, wisdom, and encouragement. Purpose lets our creative hearts shine and points us in the right direction. Plan teaches us a format to build from and keeps us on task. Without a plan there is no further growth.

Cheryl Bjerke

CO. Fashion Stylist

Our training was very interactive and fun and helped me to better understand what I should do as a leader to create a strong team. This leadership retreat definitely gave me more motivation to keep going, have a purpose, and plan my success. I really had a great time and I’m looking forward to the next one!

Dr. Jamaria Martins

WI. Research Scientist


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